The “Non-Writing” Update

So, obviously, you’ll have noticed by now I’ve been MIA lately. Believe me, I have a good reason. My health has knocked me back a bit, but I’m slowly coming back. It started about 2 weeks ago when I ended up in the ER with water on my right knee. I was in terrible pain, couldn’t sleep, could hardly walk, and was having painful muscle cramps in my leg. The fluid was drained and I started the process of following up with my primary care doctor, seeing specialists, getting blood work, x-rays and even an MRI (something I’d rather not experience again, thank you very much). I’m now wearing a brace and on crutches for God knows how long (at least 6-8 weeks). The hardest part is that my blood work came back showing I have Lyme disease. Treating that I know won’t be a walk in the park, but I’m determined to get through this so I can get back to writing like I want to. Yes, I have my laptop and I can “work” in our living room, but my son doesn’t grasp the concept of leaving me alone for more than a few minutes and giving me peace and quiet so I can concentrate. I miss my desk and desktop computer. This dinosaur is old and finicky on its best day, so it’s unreliable and I worry that I’ll lose my work on this thing. I’m hoping in the next week or two I’ll start feeling better and be able to get around better so I can be at my desk again. I’m blessed to have my mom and my two closest friends (who are more like family) here to help me. Especially with my son, who is a little attention-hog, lol. We’ve also been experiencing a heat wave, which means we can’t go outside for long, so my mom isn’t able to take him to the park to burn off his pent up energy. Naturally, that means more tantrums and difficulties because he’s cooped up and bored. I feel bad for him, but there isn’t much we can do about it right now. I feel guilty that I depend on others to help me with most things right now. I can’t really cook, I can’t drive, and I can’t take care of my son on my own. I’m thankful to God that I have people able and willing to help, but I miss being independent and I keep telling myself this is only temporary and it will get better. It already is starting to get better, I just have to be patient, take care of myself, and let my body heal. I haven’t been sharing this with everyone because I don’t feel it’s necessary. However, I wanted to update my fans because this is, of course, going to affect my writing and publishing. I know some of you can relate to having health complications that affect your day to day life, sometimes on a much more permanent basis. Those of you have deal with things like this day in and day out are troopers in my mind because I don’t think I could live like this if it were permanent. I hope this post hasn’t bored you to tears, but that is what’s been going on as of late. I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

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