It’s Been A While, I Know

Ok, ok, I know it’s been a while. As the title says. I haven’t felt like I have much to say. Am I writing? Some. This past week I wrote 2,505 words. In one day. Yes, that’s more words than before, but it’s only one day. I need more than that. I’m less than 20k words into book 2 and feeling it won’t be done by the end of this month like I wanted. Why did I want that? Well, because I wanted to start book 3 for NaNoWriMo. But I think that’s asking too much of myself. I’m still dealing with fatigue and joint and back pain. Saturday made it worse, but I’ll get into that more in a bit.

Anyway, I FIANLLY got the prequel “Spin the Bottle” off to my developmental editor the other day. My goal is to have that ready for publication by the end of this year. BUT, she isn’t promising that yet. She said she’ll let me know by Oct 14 if that’s possible. In the meantime, I SHOULD be working on edits for “Always You” and also figuring out WHAT THE HECK I’m gonna do about covers!! If you’re in my Facebook group, I’ve posted there that I’m not exactly happy with the 2 covers I’ve got for “Spin the Bottle” and “Always You”. Now, they haven’t been revealed yet, so it’s ok. And even if they had been revealed, who says I wouldn’t be allowed to change them anyway? They’re mine! So, I’ve been wasting time looking through images on Shutterstock trying to find ones I like, but not having much luck. I’m seriously considering either getting pre-mades, or hiring a designer on Fiverr or something like that and just giving the cover struggle over to someone who’s able to take care of it better than I can.

Other than that, Mister is loving Pre-K! He has his first field trip this Friday! We’re going to see Disney on Ice in Baltimore and he gets his first ride on the light rail! I’m looking forward to it. He keeps asking when we’re going on the light rail train and now I finally get to tell him it’s soon!! Saturday… UGH. His godparents and I decided to take a ride to this big indoor playground place in Columbia called Hyper Kidz so we could check it out. I’m looking at places to have his birthday party next month. Oh my gosh ya’ll! That place was HUGE! AND, they’re building an expansion that opens this month, right next door! Like, they’re literally knocking a wall down and doubling the size of the place! Well, while we were there us old fogies tried to keep up with his lil 4-year-old bundle of energy. Can you say dumb!? I only lasted about 15 minutes and I was DONE. His godparents lasted a bit longer, but they were even wiped by the time we dragged him out of there for lunch, AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER! But we went back after for like 45 minutes. Then we really had to go home. It was getting late, their dog had been home by himself all that time (he has separation anxiety) and everyone was worn out. I liked the place though, so I’m thinking about booking it for his party, but I want to first gauge interest in whether or not folks would be willing to travel out to Columbia first. We live nearer to Baltimore, so it might be a stretch. I want to invite some (if not all) of his classmates plus a few other kids and possibly some of the family. The family part depends on cost because they don’t have young kiddos that would want to run, climb, and play. My mom suggested having a smaller thing at the house just for family and others that don’t have kiddos, like my non-parent friends. Anyway, that’s that.

I don’t feel like much else is worth talking about. Oh, I got bangs! I posted a picture in my group and on my private page, but not on my author page. I guess I should do that next. So, that’s all the updates for now. Hard to believe Mister will be 5 in a month! I came across some pictures from 3 years ago of us at a friend’s house and he was all chubby and adorableness. Not that he’s not now, but it’s a different kind… You know what I mean! He’s not chubby anymore, but he’s still stinking adorable! Ok, take care ya’ll! Thanks for sticking around even though I haven’t posted in a while.

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