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Free Books – May 19, 2020

So, this morning we took Mister to his school for a “socially distanced” graduation ceremony. They had a canopy set up, and we got to put his cap and gown on, take some pictures, and get his diploma. He even got a goodie bag with his favorite thing ever…BUBBLES!! So as soon as we got home he HAD to play outside and blow bubbles. I also took some other pictures too. They’ll be up on Facebook soon and I’m pretty sure I’ll have at least some of them in my newsletter soon. So, make sure you’re subscribed to that so you can see them!

Anyway, I’m dropping off 7 free books real quick before I head out to do some grocery shopping. It’s a pleasant day out, so hopefully that translates in to a nice time for me. With some of the restrictions lifted, I’m hoping people will chill out just a bit. Sometimes stressful situations bring out the worst in people, sadly. Have a great Tuesday ya’ll!

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