Free Books – 8/12/2021

I’m sorry about not posting yesterday. I talked to my mom the other day about Mister’s schooling and told her about the partial scholarship we’d been awarded for the private school. And then I told her that it was up to me (us) to make up the difference if he was going to attend. Well, she didn’t go for it. I kind of had a strong feeling she wouldn’t before I even broached the subject. That’s part of the reason I was hesitant to bring it up. I’ve been looking for some kind of part time job, preferably something I could do from home, but not be stuck on the phone all day. Y’all, that right there triggers my anxiety. I can’t stand being on the phone, some days AT ALL. To the point that if I can get whatever it is done via e-mail, chat, or text… that’s exactly what I do! Granted, I know sometimes it doesn’t work that way and I have to suck it up and make a phone call. And usually I’ve made it worse in my head than it actually is. The person I’m calling is really nice, helpful, and all that. But I always have this voice in the back of my head telling me someone I encounter is going to grumpy, crabby, or unhelpful, blah, blah, blah. I try to tell that voice to shut up, but it doesn’t always work. This happens especially when I was working in an office, and basically doing warm/cold calling for sales. Even some of the warm leads that had inquired about services got snippy about getting a phone call from us when they should’ve known that’s exactly what was going to happen. That’s why I don’t like filling out forms to get a “quote” for anything online anymore. I know it’s going to result in phones calls soliciting their services to me. Anyway, yeah. I guess you could say I’ve been jaded by past experiences. But sometimes the people we’d encounter on the phone in customer service, sales, etc, are downright mean! I know you know what I’m talking about! Anyway, so I spent yesterday gathering info on homeschool options for Mister so I could make a decision and get things squared away for him for first grade. Shoot, he was asking to be homeschooled again anyway! Though there were some days when his godmother and I were ready to pull our hair out because he wasn’t listening and getting his work done. But, this year things are going to be different. I’m using a different curriculum and it has teachers on videos in a classroom setting with other students she’s teaching along with his books, assignments, and everything else. I’ll be helping, guiding, etc, and sending progress reports at the end of each period. We still have to do the reviews with our county, but that’s ok with me. We’re waiting for everything to come in, and he’s even taking piano lessons from a friend of mine who teaches! I used to have lessons with her too before Mister was born. We’re looking forward to this coming school year and I’m going to do my best to plan ahead for next year and see if I can’t get him into school. But not public school because Common Core makes my brain bleed. Don’t hate me, ok? Anyway… free books!

Beefcakes : (A Second Chance Feel Good Romantic Comedy) by [Katana Collins]

Vestige of Courage: A Christian Time Travel Romance (Vestige in Time Book 4) by [Sara Blackard]

Blindsided: A Moo U Hockey Romance by [Victoria Denault, Heart Eyes Press]

Super Hot Supervisor: A Steamy Workplace Romantic Comedy (Tender Tarts Book 1) by [Mandy Harbin]

Love and Shenanigans (Ballybeg, Book 1) (The Ballybeg Series) by [Zara Keane]

Claron: Book One of the Siblings O'Rifcan Series by [Katharine E. Hamilton]

The Baby Bargain: A steamy, contemporary, billionaire romance (The Billionaire's Baby Book 1) by [Ellis O. Day, Teragram Author Services]

The Blame Game (A Brook Brothers Novel Book 1) by [Tracie Delaney]

Temptation : A Steamy Star-Crossed Romance (Allie Styles Romance Book 1) by [Sydney Campbell]

Maybe Yes by [Ella Miles]

Adam: Small Town Family Romance (Winter Peaks Book 1) by [Anna Castor]

Saving Claire: Instalove MC Romance (MC Chaos Book 1) by [Cameron Hart]

Not So Broken: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (Love Grows Series Book 1) by [Renee Regent]

Hollywood Heartbreaker (Hollywood Name Game Book 1) by [Alexa Aston, Scott Moreland]

Choosing Happily Ever After by [Elena Aitken]

Team Mom (Finding Love Book 1) by [Delaney Cameron]

Wildfire (Stargazer Ranch Mystery Romance Book 1) by [Suzanne Cass]

Fury: Motorcycle Club Romance (Lock & Key Book 5) by [Cat Porter]

Keepers Series Boxset: Books 1 - 2 (The Keeper's Series) by [Stephanie St. Klaire, Jenny Sims]

A Reckless Note (Brilliance Trilogy Book 1) by [Lisa Renee Jones]

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