Free Books – 7/21/2021

Well, it’s been one of those days. You know the kind. You wake up at a decent time, just after the alarm goes off, but that’s about the only thing that goes right all day. I woke up with this crick in the left side of my neck that makes me want to cry. Mister has been obsessed with getting any and all screen time he possibly can and getting an attitude when I tell him no. Then while he was playing he managed to hurt himself. Not a big deal, just a small nick on his face, but any sign of blood and he loses it. He had and early lunch after that because I just needed him to sit still, plus he kept complaining that he was hungry. I had every intention of running to the store to pick up a few things, but that hasn’t happened. And in fact I only just took a shower not too long ago even. He’s staying over his godparents house tonight because both my mom and I have early PT appointments tomorrow, then we have to go to the courthouse to file my dad’s death certificate and I’m hoping I’ll have time to get in a bit of groceries too. Is it bad that I’m looking forward to him staying over? I’ve been sitting in my recliner with the heating pad on my neck praying for it to ease up. It hurt reaching up to wash my hair in the shower, but there’s no other way to wash my hair, so it had to be done. Now I’m having a bowl of ramen and trying not to lock myself in my room and have a good cry. I still need to write my newsletter, otherwise I probably would. I don’t like to complain and be a “Debbie Downer” because I know some people have things so much worse than I do. I just keep reminding myself of that because I know it’s 1000% true. At least Mister’s stuff is packed and I did manage to sleep pretty good last night, apart from waking up a few times throughout the night. That’s not really that unheard of though. Anyway, let’s get into these free books so I can get the newsletter written. I usually try to write it the Monday or Tuesday before it goes out, but we had appointments both days.

Plus One (Lighter Ones) by [Aleatha Romig, R.B.A Designs, Lisa Aurello]

Just One Fake Date: A Contemporary Romance (Flatiron Five Fitness Book 1) by [Deborah Cooke]

Scarlet Toys (Violent Circle Book 1) by [S.M. Shade]

Me & You Plus Two: A Second Chance Romance by [Susan Coventry]

America's Next Reality Star by [Laura Heffernan]

Forever Mine: The Murphy Clan (Return to Hope's Crossing Book 2) by [Kathy Coatney]

Better With You (Bragan University Series Book 1) by [Gianna Gabriela]

Levi's Legend: A SEALs of Honor World Novel (Heroes for Hire Book 1) by [Dale Mayer]

Rogue (The Black Cobras MC Book 1) by [Savannah Rylan, Kasey Krane]

Hunt for Evil: An International Clandestine Enterprise Novel (ICE Book 1) by [Amy Jarecki]

Obsession (Deadly Obsession Book 1) by [Nancy Chastain]

Alec's Dream (Gemini Group Book 4) by [Riley Edwards]

The Sweet Talker: A Surprise Baby Hockey Romance (Boston Hawks Hockey) by [Gina Azzi]


Heroes of Henderson Boxed Set 1 by [Liz Kelly]

Callum (Craigdon Family Dynasty Book 1) by [Chris Taylor]

The Billionaire's Big Game (The Miami Vices Book 1) by [Breezie Bennett]

A Not-So-Perfect Past (Serenity Springs Book 2) by [Beth Andrews]

Romancing the Doctor: An Enemies to Lover Romance by [Alie Garnett]

A Second Chance (Mercy, Inc. Book 4) by [Lynne Marshall]

Forever Innocent (The Forever Series, Book 1) by [Deanna Roy]

Beautifully Broken Pieces (The Sutter Lake Series Book 1) by [Catherine Cowles]

London Dynasty (The Dynasties Book 1) by [Geneva Lee]

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