Free Books – 7/13/2021

Second day of camp for Mister and I had told myself I’d be spending as much time as I could writing. That hasn’t happened because reasons. Seriously though, my mom was emotional and then she needed to talk to my sister and I wanted to be there for her in case she needed me. My mom was “on board” with having a memorial for my dad and I said ok, as long as it’s what she wants. My dad had said that he didn’t want us to do anything big for him. But today my mom decided she wasn’t up to having people around and all the emotions that would come with it. She doesn’t want to be an emotional mess in front of a lot of people. So we decided it’ll just be my sister and her kids and my mom and I and we’d do something at my sister’s house. We were honestly worried about my sister’s reaction to not having a get together, even with just a handful of friends. She was ok with it and we’re ok with just doing something for us personally. My sister also wants to go through the pictures we have and have some printed so she can make like a collage or something to have as a keepsake. That I can get on board with. Anyway, I don’t want to keep rehashing all of this because it’s not worth it. And I’m sure you don’t want to keep hearing about the family drama. Let’s get to the books!

Masquerade Part 1: A Steamy Romance Serial by [Valerie Francis]

A SEAL's Oath by [Cora Seton]

Since I Fell For You (New York Sullivans) (The Sullivans Book 16) by [Bella Andre]

Some Call It Love: A Romantic Comedy (Sweet Dreams Book 1) by [Sarah Peis]

Nothing Stays In Vegas by [Elena Aitken]

My Mysterious English Gardener: A Marriage of Convenience by [Adler Stephens]

Imperfect Secrecy: A romance in the tech scene by [Lena Venti]

Aaron: A Hathaway House Heartwarming Romance by [Dale Mayer]

Wilderness (Midnight Sun Series 1) by [Lynn Burke]

Vicious Lies by [Ella Miles]

Once Upon a Dream by [Sierra Simone]

The Jolly Jester: A Clean Christmas Office Romance (Romancing a Thorne Book 1) by [Ria Zen]

Hot Chocolate This Winter (Sag Harbor Black Romances Book 2) by [Lula White]

Gianluca: A Standalone Enemies to Lovers Office Romance by [Isabella Cassazza]

Merged With Him (The Merge Book 1) by [Kylie Kent]

Bound by Family (Bound #1): A Motorcycle Club Romance (Ravage MC #6) (Ravage MC Bound Series) by [Ryan Michele]

Kismet (The Legacy Trilogy Book 1) by [Sarah Michelle Lynch]

Brody: A Second Chance Bad Boy Mercenary Romance (The Bang Shift Book 1) by [Mandy Harbin]

Charcoal Notes: Record Label Romance (Red & Black Series Book 1) by [Grace Harper]

Can't Tie Me Down!: Romantic Comedy (Sinclair Sisters Trilogy Book 1) by [Janet Elizabeth Henderson]

Sultry in Stilettos (A Sultry Contemporary Romance) by [Nana Malone]

You Were Meant For Me: A Small Town Southern Romance (Wishful Romance Book 10) by [Kait Nolan, Susan Bischoff]

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