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Free Books – 1/4/2021

First free books post of the year! Well, we’re back to reality this morning. LOL Having some time off was nice, but I tell ya, I didn’t do most of what I had intended on doing. Mostly, I slept in. LOL But I needed it. I also launched my printables shop over on Etsy, but I won’t be plugging that here. Mister was pouting this morning because he had to get back to school today. He SWEARS I didn’t tell him yesterday, but I know I did. In fact, when I told him he had school yesterday, he thought I meant yesterday! He started to get upset because he wouldn’t let me finish my sentence and tell him he had school tomorrow (today). That’s how I know I told him yesterday because his initial reaction when he thought he was going to be doing school work on a Sunday was priceless. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself this holiday season, whatever you celebrate. We had a nice Christmas and New Year. Nothing major, but we did get to see my sister and the kids, or at least most of them. My oldest niece and her husband live across the country and couldn’t make it back. Ok, I’m done rambling now.

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