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Free Books – 1/12/2021

I helped Mister pick out a book this time. It’s one I’ve read to him before, so he should be able to read it just fine. Things are getting a bit harder for him in school. Not only is he reading more, but he’s doing copy work instead of just tracing. And he’s practicing cursive more. He writes faster in cursive and once he gets the hang of it; I know he’ll do great. I don’t think most kids his age will learn to write in cursive anymore, but he sure will.

Yesterday I started setting up a Trello board for my writing and other things going on. Yes, I’m still using my planner, but I think using Trello will help too. I need to get back to my writing and I’m determined to make it happen. Until then, I’ll keep sharing free books (almost) every day.

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