Yes, I know I haven’t posted on my blog since December 2021. I’m trying to change that. Not by posting free books all the time. I don’t have it in me to keep up with that. BUT… I did start something new and I think putting it up on my author blog is a good idea. Recently, I started a romance book cover design business, but I also post monthly writing prompts to that social media account. Then it hit me… I should share that with my reader fans as well! I have that blog over on Tumblr, but I’ve decided to move that over to my author site. Fair warning… it’s not for little eyes. Yes, I write steamy romance, so there will be detailed intimate scenes coming your way. So far I only have one post done, so that’s coming up next.

Camp NaNo, Day 8

So, here it is, Camp NaNoWriMo Day 8 and I’ve hardly written anything at all. GAH!! No, really though, I’ve been dealing with a health issue that got worse over the weekend. If you know me personally, you know I strongly prefer using natural remedies for my health whenever possible. For about two months now I’ve had …

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