Always You

Book One of the
Heartsong series

When Lynsey loses her job and her father drops a bomb on the family, she takes refuge at her best friend’s apartment. When she wakes up naked in his bed after having had a touch too much to drink, panic sets in. She can’t lose her best friend too.

It’s not the first time overindulgence has gotten her in trouble, but when she finds out she’s pregnant, her previous experiences pale in comparison to the trouble she’s in now.

Jacie has been in love with Lynsey for years, but she always pushed him away. After the passionate night they shared, though, he’s not ready to give up. Cutting ties because of her erratic behavior would be easy, he’s been hurt by her enough times to warrant walking away, but love compels him to endure.

With her own family falling apart around her, can Lynsey find it in herself to trust Jacie with her heart and build a future together?


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