Another “Non-Writing” Update

So, we found out I have Lyme disease as well as a bone bruise (OUCH!!). While we’re treating the Lyme, I’m also wearing a brace and still getting around on crutches because I can’t put weight on my knee until the bruise heals. That being said, I’m also on pain killers, which makes it hard for me to think clearly because they make me want to basically sleep all the time.

Little by little it’s getting better, but I still can’t sit at my desk and use my desktop. I miss being able to write, but I’ve been able to get some reading done, which is nice.

Thankfully my mother was approved for a leave of absence until sometime into August so I have help with my son and around the house since I’m on crutches and can’t do too much on my own. I really miss being able to drive and cook too, but I know this is only temporary and things will get better soon.

My son is getting ready to start Pre-K this fall and we get to go to orientation this coming Monday. I know he’ll enjoy it when he gets comfortable, but whenever the subject comes up he says he doesn’t want to go to school.

Because I’m still not able to write, there isn’t a “writing update”. But I know taking care of myself is important! Are you ready for your kiddos (if you have any) to go (back) to school? My son’s Pre-K will be 3 days a week for only a few hours, but if I’m honest, I am looking forward to it a bit, lol. His Pre-K is a co-op though, so parents volunteer and help out in the classroom. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get around well enough when class starts, otherwise, I’m not sure how it will work out. I’m sure they can make accommodations for me until I’ve fully recovered.

I’ll update again, hopefully next week and I’ll have more good news!


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